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Regional Vice Presidents


Donna Perkins
Regional Vice President

Donna Perkins has owned and operated multiple businesses prior to joining ACN. She has a background in construction, real estate and insurance. She first looked at the business as an opportunity to help her Mom retire but was amazed by our business model and jumped in with both feet. With no Direct Selling experience, she has become a President’s Club member; was recognized in the top 15 in her position for the entire year for production in all of North America; and achieved the position of Regional Vice President in 4 years. She attributes her success to the work ethic her parents instilled in her and the work ethic of her amazing team. Together she believes that all things are possible when they focus on helping others.


07NHulsmanLowResNancy Hulsman
Regional Vice President

Nancy, as an Associate Broker has been an industry leader practicing real estate in the Maryland area for 27 years. Having a passion to lead others to multiple streams of residual income drew her to the ACN opportunity. In just 360 days Nancy achieved the honor of being named Regional Vice President with ACN. She is also a member of the elite Presidents Club.

If you ask Nancy what she is most thankful for, it is that ACN has given her time and money freedom to spend with her daughter. Building a business that passes on residual income from generation to generation is a dream come true for any parent.


Jim and Stacey Lambright
Regional Vice Presidents

Jim grew up in a poor family in NE Ohio near Cleveland and spent 12 years in the military as a weatherman. He later graduated as a Microbiologist from Ohio State University. He has been a Realtor since 1997, and joined ACN in 2012 to replace income and retirement lost in the 2008 real estate crash. Jim and Stacy hit RVP in 4 years working part-time on the business.

He is also a philanthropist, as a District Leader and spokesperson for the Humane Society of the United States, a Board Member of Drill4Life (drilling water wells in Zimbabwe), and as Co-founder of Faithful Forgotten Best Friends that feeds pets of the homeless.



Deborah McIver and Jennifer McIver-Ross
Platinum Regional Vice Presidents

Deborah was a Vice President of the fourth Largest Lending Institution in America, with 20+ years experience in the Mortgage/Real Estate Industry. Jennifer was a Mortgage Loan Officer and graduate of



University of Maryland College Park. The McIvers have developed multiple legs of Regional Directors and President’s Club members. They also became the first U.S. Mother/Daughter RVPs in ACN history. Their commitment is to create a family financial Legacy, create a Endowment Fund for their church and change the lives of countless business owners and their families one at a time.


Gary and Michelle Walker
Regional Vice Presidentsgary-michelle-walker-rvp

Michelle found ACN when she was an auditor and busy mom of four. Gary is a former Verizon employee. Both immediately saw the power and potential of creating residual income with essential services, and both are true examples of servant leaders. The Walkers have been able to bring most of their family members into the business with them, and have helped them also achieve success in ACN. Michelle and Gary have a passion for helping others. Their goal is to help others achieve their dreams and visions and change as many lives as they can.



Matt and Cindy Williams

Matt and Cindy Williams
Platinum Regional Vice Presidents

Matt and Cindy Williams have built a solid family business as ACN top producers in all of North America. Matt worked as a server in the restaurant industry and saw the perfect opportunity to retire his Mom from a successful career in the automotive industry. Blessed with the mentorship, training and a company that stands behind their people, the Williams have been able to achieve success not only for their family, but for many others.




Angela Solomon
Regional Vice President

Angela Solomon is a lawyer by profession, attaining her undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan, and her Law Degree at George Washington University. She is the mother of 3, and best-selling author of “The Ultimate Guide for the Network Marketer’s Bride”