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Rising Stars

Jasper (Tyrone) Statham is our June contest winner! In 30 days he has 70 points and hit the Executive Team Leader position.







Production Contest Winner!Sonya Sidner is a nurse and A single mother of 4 amazing children.  Working nights and multiple jobs such as teaching birthing classes and umpiring to meet her families needs.  She was Tired of spinning her wheels and missing children’s sporting events, when She saw this opportunity and was amazed with the ability to get free service.  Thanks  to a system that is already in place, she can go to work at her full time job and plug her team into training and events to allow her business to grow for her family.    Sonya has an almost 90 year old mother and her dream is to spend more time with her while she is healthy and care for her as she transitions from this world to her heavenly home.